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“Raymond Vega Photography’s location suggestions”

Thank you for visiting Raymond Vega Photography’s site! And, because we know it’s hard finding great locations for the wedding celebration and the wedding reception, we want to suggest a few sites that might help you decide which place is best for your wedding event.

You know you need advice when it comes to important decisions (like your wedding), and we want to let you know you’re not alone when it comes to planning your nuptials. As professionals, we at Raymond Vega Photography understand the importance of a great location when it comes to having your ideal wedding.

And, let’s be honest, a great wedding is all about location. Wether is an outdoor wedding or a location wedding, wherever you decide to wed will become the most special and sacred place to you and your hubby.

So, when it comes to your wedding location, you outta choose wisely. Listening to the advice of wedding professionals can be the best thing you can do, to guarrantee the wedding’s success. And, you also want your wedding guests to have fun and feel that you didn’t just think of you when you chose the wedding spot. You also thought of them, enjoying the wedding and enjoying themselves.

So, grab a pen and paper, and write down all our location suggestions! Also, feel free to browse through the location sites and get ideas and inspiration. You are what matters here and, whatever you decide, we know it will make you very happy. If you choose a romantic wedding location near you, or an exotic wedding location far from home, make sure you know they’re quality spots, recommended by family, friends and professionals; recommended by us.

And, if you want to find the links to our location suggestions, just scroll down to the end of the page and check them out!



Raymond Vega Photography’s Best Hotel Options

Hey there, bride-to-be! We know that, before there’s even a wedding, you’re already thinking about choosing the Hotel that fits your idea of the perfect place to celebrate your reception, or even the perfect honeymoon spot.

Wether your ideal wedding is outdoors, indoors, or at an exotic location, we will give you the best hotel ideas, so you can find that special locality withot having to look at any world maps.

If your ideal wedding is in Puerto Rico, we have a few wedding site suggestions that might help you in your seach for an exotic wedding spot in Puerto Rico.

If you’d like a location in or near San Juan, Puerto Rico or close to the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, in or near Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, we suggest the following Hotels in the San Juan area:

Caribe Hilton (Condado, San Juan, PR)

Club Náutico San Juan (Miramar, Santurce, PR)

Conrad San Juan (Condado, San Juan, PR)

El San Juan Hotel (Isla Verde, San Juan, PR)

Embassy Suites Hotel (Isla Verde and Dorado, PR)

Hotel El Convento (Old San Juan, San Juan, PR)

Intercontinental Hotel (Isla Verde, San Juan, PR)

La Concha Hotel (Condado, San Juan, PR)

Marriott Hotel Resort (Condado, San Juan, PR)Marriott Courtyard Hotel (Isla Verde, San Juan, PR)Ritz Carlton Hotel (Isla Verde, San Juan, PR)Sheraton Old San Juan (Old San Juan, San Juan, PR)Verdanza Hotel (Condado, San Juan, PR)

Water Beach Club Hotel (San Juan, PR)

Another great wedding location option in Puerto Rico is going to a far-off location, that gets you far from the urban/city scene or a quiet place that gives you peace of mind, filled with vegetation and nature sounds, not the noise and pollution of the metropolitan area. And, because Puerto Rico is a big small island, you can go plenty of places to find exactly what suites your wedding needs.

In the West/Northwest of the Island, you can find great Hotels and Resorts that get you in the romantic mood you want.

Places like: Copamarina Beach Resort (Guánica, Puerto Rico), Horned Dorset Primavera Resort (Rincón, Puerto Rico), Villa Montana (Isabela, Puerto Rico) and Rincón Beach Resort (Rincón, Puerto Rico) are perfect for you, if you’re looking to get away and relax in a great location near or in the beach.

And in the East/Northeast of Puerto Rico, you can discover great Hotels and Resorts near the Caribbean’s biggest tropical rainforest, El Yunque (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico).

Hotel Locations near El Yunque Tropical Rainforest are: Hotel Grand Meliá (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico), Hacienda Siesta Grande (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico), Rio Mar Beach Resort (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico), St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico), Trump International Gulf Club Coco Beach Resort (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico) and El Conquistador Resort (Fajardo, Puerto Rico).

In the South of the Island, you can also explore romantic spots far from the San Juan area. Places like Ponce Hilton (Ponce, Puerto Rico) and Hacienda Serrallés (Castle Serrallés, Ponce, Puerto Rico) provide a different location alternative for your exotic wedding event.

Don’t forget, there are many, many options when it comes to choosing among the Island of Enchantment’s best hotels and resorts. You can even go to the famous W Retreat & Spa, in Vieques, Puerto Rico, and enjoy your stay at the “Girl Island” (or as we call it in Spanish, “La Isla Nena”).

And, wherever you decide is going to be your perfect wedding spot, there’s a Hotel or Resort in every corner of this small Island for you to have your ideal, exotic wedding. In beautiful Puerto Rico, you can have it all!